About Us

JHYCO is more than just a law firm.

JHYCO is more than just a law firm. It is a name of trust, great esteem, and honour. The firm, established in 2017 has much of incredible record to share and proudly introduces its team of professional, competent and focused lawyers. Our devotion and unflinching concentration lead to monumental growth in no time. Graduates from internationally renowned institutes across the world, the lawyers laid the foundations of JHYCO. The firm has established and gained trust and confidence from their clients as well as in the legal market.

Why Choose Us?

A highly efficient full-service boutique legal firm that knows the optimistic route in every difficult situation. 

Once you trust us, we owe you our unwavering commitment to solving your case on a priority basis. We never let our clients experience the anxiety in grave scenarios. JHYCO offers an innovative solution to every problem under one roof, saving your time and stretching you away from the turmoil of visits to different law firms. The potential clients, who often pay visits include dominant local and multinational corporations dispatching services in industrial, hospitality and amusement, banking, energy, real estate and construction, information technology, telecommunications, insurance fields, etc. We continue to sustain our distinction of being one of the most trusted and productive law firms, leaving behind benchmarks of your kind satisfaction.


To mould our existence as an organization into teamwork that fosters creativity and induces learning from day to day. Our goal is far beyond coming up to our esteemed clients’ expectations, to laying sound foundations of trust and confidence on moral grounds.

We endeavour to bring excellence in legal practice and help our staff give a brief yet comprehensive legal representation of the firm. 


We envision JHYCO as one of the dominant modern law firms across the industry with exceptional skills to counter legal issues with a timely and coherent attitude.

Our everyday ventures lead to delivering top-notch and reliable legal services to clients while appreciating our most priceless asset, our employees to pull off distinct efforts.

Core Values

JHYCO has an unflinching allegiance to its core values, which include professionalism, integrity, honesty, responsibility, and perseverance as integral pre-requisites to every legal business deal.

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