Frederick Teng | Partner

Frederick completed his Bachelor of Laws from Cardiff University in 2011. He then obtained his Diploma in International Arbitration in 2013 and passed the Certificate in Legal Practice (CLP) on the same year. He also holds a Post-Graduate Certificate in Insurance Law as well as PostGraduate Diploma in International Business Law accredited by the University College London (UCL) and Queens Mary University London (QMUL) via the University of London intercollegiate.

His diversity in background enabling him to appreciate the client’s aim in the commercial regime. He was a legal consultant at a multinational corporation based in Singapore since December 2015 managing complex litigation matters involving commercial disputes and economic torts. He was also heading the legal department of the regional offices in Asia countries (China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Thailand). During this time, he has been the Head of the Legal and Compliance Department and responsible for dispatching legal advice to the Board of Management. He regularly attends courts and tribunals in Singapore, Shanghai, and Taipei as an ad hoc counsel for the corporation for resolving disputes. He also reviewed and negotiated commercial agreements and liaised with the company clients during his terms of employment in the corporation.

Recently, Frederick was appointed by one of the digital assets exchange operators licensed by the Securities Commission Malaysia to assist in setting up custodial trust account with a listed trustee company to hold fiat cash and digital assets on trust worth millions of US dollars.

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